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EC3 |Náttúruleg lofthreinsandi kerti

2.770 kr

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Framleiðandi: Micro Balance Health

Náttúrulegt kerti, unnið úr sojavaxi og jurtum. (e. botanicals). Kertið er talið hafa jákvæð áhrif á umhverfið og er það talið henta umhverfisveikum vel. Sjá niðurstöður úr rannsókn á óháðri tilraunastofu í myndum um vöruna þar sem kertið er talið geta dregið úr ákveðnum myglutegundum í lofti. Kertið er lyktarlaust. 

Athugið að það er auðvelt að ná límmiðanum af og þá eru þau mun betur útlítandi :-)

Kertið brennur upp á um 16 tímum. Mælt er með að nota eitt kerti á hverja 55 fermetra.

Öruggt fyrir börn og gæludýr. 

Margir sem nota kertið taka það með sér í ferðalög og finna mun á því að nota það, bæði uppá ilmefni og loftgæði. 


Þú getur fengið ennþá meira útúr EC3 kertunum þínum með því að klippar þráðinn rétt. Þessar klippur eru sérhannaðar til að stytta þráðinn rétt. Stytta ætti þráðinn á kertinu þínu í hvert skipti áður en þú kveikir á því. 

Hvers vegna?

Það minnkar reyk og kemur í veg fyrir að þráðurinn trosni og að loginn verði of stór, þannig að kertið brenni of hratt eða ójafnt.

Venjuleg skæri ná ekki að klippa þráðinn í rétta lengd. 

Hérna geturðu verslað hann:


Meðmæli erlendis frá þangað til fleiri meðmæli eru komin frá Íslandi:

"I have to admit I was skeptical about this one, but when we had a mold problem in our bathroom, these were a lifesaver! The do really eliminate the mold smell."

"Highly recommend these candles for anyone who *thinks* they may be mold sensitive. If you are experiencing typical mold toxicity symptoms like low energy, brain fog, frequent urination and more(look up what common symptoms are) these candles are a super affordable way to see if purifying the air from airborne mold spores will help you feel better. safe for kids and pets, portable between rooms ( I would literally carry it around with me) and great for those rainy days were mold spores multiply. I'm a forever fan."

"I think this is one of the most effective C3 products I’ve used. Plate test after plate test, I’ve reduced mold count using the recommended burn times. The candle doesn’t emit a smell or leave any kind of residue. I’ve used this in my car to great effect as well. Of course, you have to be careful, but if you place it on a firm surface (e.g. book), it can clear mold in an hour. I’ve use them while traveling, but it can be a challenge in hotels with smoke alarms. The only issue I have with them is that I wished they burned a little longer. The newer version works better than the old, though."

"These candles helped the basement have cleaner, more enjoyable air."

"The candles are great. I have been using them for years."

"Love these!! Where do I start? This is one my all time  favorite products!!  The discovery of this candle changed the course of my life and if I had not found it I would not have been able to continue teaching which was the only way I made a living at the time. There are so many water damaged buildings in Dallas, TX and it was an absolute nightmare trying to find a mold free living & working space years ago before remote work became common. Even if it is a new building the crazy weather & hail storms can cause roof damage, leaks and then mold within a very short time. These candles not only reduce the mold spore count but they really do kill mycotoxins. I have CIRS and can sense the presence of mycotoxins/mold right away. When I burn these candles my system gets so calm and relaxed because the air has truly been changed for the better. I live in a clean place right now so I use them during the rainy season to maintain low spore counts in my place.  I recommend these to all of my friends and family when they travel since you never know what is lurking in the HVAC. "

"We had a mold issue that we found when replacing front snd back doors. Once remediated, I use these candles consistently to keep the air fresher and cleaner. Thank you for such a wonderful product!"

"These are a no brainer to use and do an awesome job of cleaning the air!"

"Used 3 of these to reduce fungal load during pack up of our home. It worked as described, had little odor, was safe and gave us peace of mind for workers in our home."

"These candles really make a big difference for me. They leave the air smelling fresher without any unpleasant odors and help clear my sinuses. Highly recommend"

"This product has helped keep. a stable low mold spore count after serious mold issues. easy to use and does the job. A lifesaver!"

"I deeply appreciate this product. Having dealt with black toxic mold - all the worst ones - it was peace of mind to burn these and know they are 3rd party tested to work. They make me feel a little trippy - but makes me think they are working. Great for travel."

"I love these candles! A simple and affordable way to reduce mold spores in the air. I’ve used it in both my home and car with good results."

"I love the way the candle easily burns and NO chemical smell, very gentle and clean burning! All while cleaning the air!"

"I was skeptical but after a second round of buying a house with black mold and having remediation, the air in our bedroom still just felt strange. I got a candle and was blown away. You can notice a change in the air quality in a very short time. Amazing product!"

"Love, love, love these candles! I even travel with these and light them as soon as I get in Hotel Rooms to lower possible Mold Spores Count. I also occasionally use in my bedroom before bedtime to freshen Bedroom before bed. These last a long time and are botanical with no scent."

"I tried the candles after we bought a home & wanted to clean the air besides the air purifier. The candles really helped to purify the air.."

"The air purification candle is something we used almost daily while redoing our daughter's room after finding a spot of mold inside the wall. She and I are pretty sensitive to chemicals or artificial scents, so I was very glad to find this candle made from only natural botanical ingredients. And it is truly unscented, so we never had a problem letting it burn to help clear the air of mold spores. It leaves no scent behind. Even after we repaired/replaced the wall, we continued to burn these candles as our daughter healed from the effects of the mold. It gave us peace of mind to know these candles have been lab tested to remove mold spores effectively."

"We used them at home, in the camper and at the cabin we are renovating. It takes the smell out after burning for a few hours."

"Candle works incredibly well, I buy them in packs, no noxious smell, burn time is good, clears up air quickly and effectively even people not highly sensitive to mold notice the difference!"

"I highly recommend the Air Purification Candles. I’ve used them for 5 years to be sure that the mold count is lowered in my home. I know that since it’s formulated by Dr. Donald Dennis, ENT, then it really works! Excellent product!"

"I liked this candle! It has a mild natural earthy smell! So thankful it does not have synthetic strong fragrances, as I'm sensitive to synthetic smells."

"We purchased 4 candles to use after our mold remediation in our house. My husband has a high tech air monitor and it showed significant decreases in VOCs when we burned these candles. I’m sure it also helped clear the air of spores after our remediation as well. We are happy with them and will be ordering more."